Tuesday, May 10, 2016

EDTech: All about Blogging

(This is a post responding to an EdTech assignment.)

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do as a librarian. I use this blog as a "catchall" for all of the interesting articles, pictures, contests, and book reviews that don't really go anywhere else but are more just for fun.

I love that students can comment and link to related articles and fun things. It's more interactive than a website where they can browse and research but not give me any feedback.

I have been hesitant to post actual pictures of students or the library in action on the blog, since it is a public forum and open to the whole Internet.

There's also the risk of students being immature and/or inappropriate in the comments, but moderating the posts does help. As for students blogging themselves, I think it's a great idea and can only help with writing skills. Like any online presence, safety is the most important thing and they should keep their blogs private if possible. 

I would love to institute student blogs (or guest posts from students) where they can write their own book reviews. 

Teachers assigning blogging to students have to balance the "fun" side of it with an expectation of school-worthy material. Meaning just because it's a blog, grammar and content can't just be thrown by the wayside. There has to be some academic value, but it give students an opportunity to post pictures, videos, written content and more and students can interact with one another's work, which is great! 

Again, online safety rules have to be followed and there should definitely be a strict anti-cyberbullying policy if students are to blog.