Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What Do You Need to Know Before You Leave High School?

You're going to be learning a lot throughout the four years of high school. Some of it will be extremely useful (Driver's Ed and CPR/Health class) and some of it will be...less useful (come on, you probably won't be using quadratic equations on a daily basis).
But what about the real life skills and knowledge that you're somehow just expected to pick up in your life? How do you learn things like hard-boiling eggs? Changing a tire? Filling out tax forms and applying for jobs?

There's plenty of knowledge you might not have when entering high school that you'll be expected to have upon graduating, or soon after. 
Here are some lists and websites with some of that helpful and/or random information to get you started on your journey towards "knowing it all":

  • The New York Times has a list of articles to read before you turn 18, including articles on negotiating your rent, college applications, cooking like your mom, and the importance of sleep.
  • The collection of charts on may come in handy if you are a visual learner (meaning: you like pictures) or like random history facts. Charts include Greek mythology timelines, European royalty family trees and American and Global history timelines, among others. 
  • Want to sound educated and well-read (even if you're not)? Study up on your semantics skills at Difference Between - learn when to use "British" versus "English" , the difference between ISIS and ISIL, and get the lowdown on political figures and global issues. 
  • Need some summer options? Learn about various Jewish summer programs for teens and young adults, both in the US and abroad at Find Your Summer.
  • This doesn't really qualify as a life skill but our teen years are a great time to write Future You an email about...well anything. You pick when it will be delivered and give yourself advice, talk about your life, or make predictions and see if they come true. It's like a digital time capsule for yourself!
Of course, the most important things you'll learn as a young adult aren't taught in school or found on any website- things like kindness to others, respect, ambition, pride in your accomplishments...for those things, it just takes time and a little bit of effort.