Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Are You a Responsible Internet-er?

If you think the Internet isn't a huge part of your life, you're kidding yourself. At this point, much of your social life has probably been documented on one social media site or another.
What many teens don't always think about, however, is how all those tweets, posts, and snaps are affecting them in the long run.

When it's time to apply for college, grad school, or for a job, are all those selfies visible to the world? Will a potential employer love the idea of reading all those posts about you ditching school or sleeping off a hangover? And what about the way you treat others online, and the way others treat you?

Well you might not know the answers to these questions but these quizzes can help you build a better online you. Is your online presence helping or hurting you? Is your personal information safe? (The last thing you want is to have your identity stolen, trust me).

And while we're on the topic of making mistakes online, check out Politwoops- a collection of tweets that politicians have posted...and then deleted. Nothing is really gone from the Interwebs in the age of screenshots and cached pages.  Sort by position or state and find your favorite mistakes from politicians you love (or love to hate).