Monday, February 1, 2016

Take a Reading Challenge!!

Believe it or not, we're back! The weather may be dreary and there are no vacations in sight...but don't let that get you down! Stop by the library to take the 2016 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge!

Pick up the Challenge Form at the NSHAHS library. The first five students to fill it out completely will be featured on the library Instagram page! (You can also email the completed form to Book Riot for 30% off in their store).

The Book Riot Challenge a bit too ambitious for you? What about trying the NSHAHS Library Challenge?! The first five readers to complete the challenge will also be featured on our library Instagram page!

And remember: If you get stuck, come in to the library for ideas, suggestions, and recommendations!

Happy Reading!!

(via Book Riot)

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