Thursday, October 13, 2016


Are you a podcast pro? Can you recite Serial by heart? Are you listening to one right now? Or are you scratching your head and wondering what a podcast is?  

Well the good news is, there are a zillion tenn-friendly podcasts out there and we've put a list together to get you started. Whether it's while exercising, driving (be careful!), or just sitting around, podcasts are a wonderful medium to learn about interesting new things and stay connected with the latest trends. Here are some to get you started:

  • 99 Percent Invisible is a design podcast about the products that surround us every day. If you consider yourself an innovator or an artist, check this one out.
  • The Memory Palace is for the history buffs out there. Each episode focuses on overlooked incidents from the past. A great human interest podcast. 
  • Pitch is the definitive music-lovers podcast. Chock full of trivia, science, and history about the way music works to move us.
  • A near perfect pop-science podcast is RadioLab. This one's not just for science geeks.  
And if none of the above float your boat, check out AudioSearch - THE search engine for podcasts on any and every topic imaginable. |
So you'd better get those ear buds ready! 


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